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December 10, 2003: Yes, We Know About The Roman D20

Thank you, everyone who has written to send us this URL. All six thousand four hundred and twelve . . . fourteen . . . twenty-one . . . and counting . . . of you.

Yes, indeed, Christie's is auctioning a 20-sided die for which Roman provenance is claimed. This has been the subject of much discussion in online gamerdom. Here's what Scott Kurtz had to say about it, for instance.

I was tempted to bid on it, but that's a bit rich for my blood . . . and it has had enough publicity that some of the more, ahh, "comfortably well-off" hobby moguls may be fighting for it. But my, isn't it neat? To those conventions who have said "What could we bribe you with? Name anything!" . . . Heh. That would do it. I know, I know, you can't afford it either. Life is cruel.
-- Steve Jackson

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