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December 13, 2021: Warehouse 23 Closed December 20-January 11

As the holidays approach, we're doing our best to make sure everyone gets their packages in time, and then we're going to clear our decks so that our own warehouse staff gets some well-earned rest! Make sure to get your orders in now, as Warehouse 23 will be closed from December 20-January 11 for the holidays and for inventory. You'll still be able to order from the site, but shipping won't resume until after January 11. Of course, you can order PDFs any time! 

With the state of shipping at the moment, if you're still looking for that perfect Christmas gift, please get your order in now. We can't guarantee it will arrive in time, but ordering now gives it a better chance of getting to you in time to get it under the tree. And if you need a gift that has to be there on time, try a Warehouse 23 gift certificate! Here's to a stress-free holiday for everyone. 

-- Hunter Shelburne

PS: Today is the last day to preorder Car Wars Sixth Edition (we opened preorders back up just for the weekend to coincide with PAX Unplugged.) Preorders will close this afternoon, so get your orders in for the planned March 2022 shipdate today!

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