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December 26, 2021: The Munchkin Dice Tray Of Desperate Terror


Released earlier this year and offered through crowdfunding, The Munchkin Dice Tray of Desperate Terror is now at Warehouse 23 for all of you who have been asking, "When can I get that?"

This custom double-sided tray has all your favorite Munchkin monsters on the back, while the front features an old scroll motif with monster silhouettes. Oh, and the rule. (Of course there's a rule!) The Munchkin Dice Tray of Desperate Terror measures 8.6 inches square and has a thick fabric cover over heavy-duty rubber with plastic snaps at the corners.

For those Illuminati players in the audience, we have also released an Illuminati Dice Tray featuring the classic Pocket Box edition cover artwork.

We showed them both off while doing demos at Origins, and they were a huge hit!

-- Phil Reed

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