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December 22, 2021: Have You Questioned Directions With Dice?

Roleplaying games are a creative exercise for many, especially those gamemasters who prefer to jump into the action with as few notes as possible and focus on improvisation over strict adherence to notes, outlines, maps, pre-crafted NPCs, and detailed plotlines. For GMs who enjoy letting the dice guide the action, we have two custom six-siders that will come in handy as you let the dice fall where they may.

  • Question Die - But WHY? A very good question, but one you must answer for yourself. Because all this die can do is ask more questions! 
  • Direction Die - Which way should we go? Where is that noise coming from? What is that missing symbol on the map? Roll the die and find out!

You can find these and lots more at our online store, Warehouse 23. Check out our selection of dice (and dice bags) today!

-- Phil Reed

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