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December 14, 2021: The Fantasy Trip Foes Miniatures Now On Kickstarter

We're no strangers to miniatures, from the classic metal minis to the more current plastic Ogre Miniatures and Car Wars Sixth Edition minis, but The Fantasy Trip Foes explores new ground: 3D printing! This campaign is for a collection of STL files that backers will then be able to print at home on their own printers, or with a printing service. Have your own army of fantasy monsters at your command!

Featuring dozens of different sculpts of classic monsters like skeletons, orcs, octopi, and even the infamous Long Lankin, The Fantasy Trip Foes is a great starter for your mini adventures in TFT. For those who like to think outside the box, this is a great collection of monsters for any old-school RPG, or RPGs in general. Heck, you don't even have to play an RPG to enjoy the miniatures. If you're a hobbyist or painter, this campaign features a variety of styles and textures to test your brush skills.

Of course, this is an STL campaign, so the miniatures come as digital files for you to print. You can find information on the equipment we used, as well as some suggestions, in our recent news article. However, if you don't have your own printer, you can use a site like Shapeways to get your files printed at a reasonable cost and then shipped to you. (We aren't affiliated with them, but they've been leaders in that realm for quite some time.)

The campaign funded in the first few hours; now we have about three weeks to see how many new sculpts we can unlock via stretch goals! Check it out on Kickstarter, and dive into an ocean of miniatures.

-- Hunter Shelburne

The Fantasy Trip Foes

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