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July 16, 2019: Another Great Big TFT Box

Steve with Decks of Destiny proof

Our new TFT set, Decks of Destiny, goes to the printer this week – we just finished the pre-mortem on it. That was a lot of paper to go through! The set has hundreds of cards. It has folders. It has megahexes. It has character-record bookmarks. It is a Lot of Stuff.

The fun starts when you open the box. To help keep track of the Stuff, we have a "Read This First" page, and on the back is a no-type version of the octopus soothsayer from the cover – suitable for framing, worship, wrapping fish, or whatever you do with game posters. I have been known to refer to this as the Octoposter, but that's not getting as many giggles as I had hoped.

In addition to the 70 creatures in the set (it was 60, but BackerKit goals were met), there are a bunch of wizards of different races and levels, and two sets of intelligent foes: 24 Orcs and 9 Octopi. (That, by the way, is the official TFT plural, and fie on you, Mirriam-Webster.)

The Labyrinth cards, created by Guy McLimore, will let you plan out a labyrinth quickly without ever setting pen to paper, and Phil Reed's roll table in the top of the box will give you lots of ideas for populating that cavern.

And there's more, lots more . . . and even more in the add-ons. We went a bit overboard here and we hope you like it. This is not intended as a set to admire and put away. We want you to PLAY with it!

-- Steve Jackson

NOTE: For those of you who missed out on the Kickstarter campaign, the BackerKit preorders are open for another two or three weeks. This is your chance to preorder the Decks of Destiny expansion at the Kickstarter price; once we release this on Warehouse 23, it will be pricier. There's just too much stuff for us to continue to sell the expansion at that Kickstarter bargain. Preorder today! - PR

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