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July 29, 2019: Final Week: Ogre Miniatures Set 3 Indiegogo Campaign


Our ongoing Indiegogo campaign to update two classic Ogre miniatures from metal to plastic – the Doppelsoldner and Ogre Mark VI – is down to the final week. Next Monday, with your support, the project will successfully close and we'll instruct the factory to start cutting the steel molds for us to run these designs in plastic. This only happens with your support, though, so please join the Ogre Miniatures Set 3 project today to add these minis to your collection.

For those of you who missed out on the Ogre Battlefields expansion, you'll be happy to know that the big box of maps is included in some of the Ogre Miniatures Set 3 perks. Visit the project page today for a look at the options and, regardless of your choice, join us today!

-- Phil Reed

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