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July 1, 2019:
Great news! The three Munchkin mini-expansions that we launched on Kickstarter earlier this year -- Munchkin Cthulhu: Sanity Check, Munchkin Zombies: Grave Mistakes, and Star Munchkin: Landing Party -- are all completing production at the factory and scheduled to ship in the next two weeks . . . read article

July 2, 2019:
This is embarrassing. To make sure that we got Munchkin Steampunk: Girl Genius to print on time, we asked Shane White (Munchkin Pathfinder Guest Artist Edition, Munchkin Pathfinder 2 – Guns and Razzes) to ink the art from Phil Foglio . . . read article

July 3, 2019:
We've had lots to announce lately, but we wanted to make a special mention of this one: Munchkin Warhammer Age of Sigmar is at the printer! (And has been for over a month . . .) . . . read article

July 4, 2019:
We are closed today and tomorrow in celebration of the Independence Day holiday in the United States. We'll all be back and ready to work on Monday . . . read article

July 5, 2019:
Our latest expansion for The Fantasy Trip roleplaying game, Decks of Destiny, closed successfully on Kickstarter last month and is now in the final prepress checks before we send the project to print. With the Decks of Destiny expansion set to go to the GPI factories later this month, we have opened preorders at BackerKit for everyone who missed out on the Kickstarter campaign. Decks of Destiny, with over 400 game cards, several journals, and 13 sheets of new megahex tiles, is an overloaded toolkit that can be used by GMs who run improv sessions and by solitaire gamers who wish to create scenarios on the fly.  We will close preorders in roughly one month and expect to ship the project rewards – both to backers and those who preorder today – in January, 2020 . . . read article

July 6, 2019:
If we check the handy New Releases pages, we find that Cthulhu Dice first shipped to distributors on April 26 of 2010. Since that time, we have produced over two dozen different colors of Cthulhu Dice, selling tens of thousands of copies of the game to dice fans all across the world . . . read article

July 7, 2019:
When we shipped our custom Bullet Dice earlier this year, we knew that it was a fun and different sort of six-sided die design. Manufactured using a double-injection process (where two different plastics are fused), when combined with the shape, the dice have a look unlike many of the dice that you see at the game table . . . read article

July 8, 2019:
Today is your last chance to preorder the new mini-expansions for Munchkin Cthulhu, Munchkin Zombies, and Star Munchkin! If you have not yet reserved your copies of these latest packs – either by backing the Kickstarter campaign earlier this year or preordering at BackerKit – then you will want to preorder today!  If you miss out, don't worry . . . read article

July 9, 2019:
We've now confirmed that we're 99% likely to have copies of Deadly Doodles for sale at Gen Con next month. The game was our biggest hit at Origins last month (as reported here), and we're doing all that we can to receive the inventory and ship cartons of the game to our Gen Con booth . . . read article

July 10, 2019:
Our Illuminati Coins project (available now on Warehouse 23) went amazingly well, with tens of thousands of individual coins produced, thanks to the support of our backers on Kickstarter. The end result (metal coins designed by Alex Fernandez) turned out great – and we had such a good time creating them that we have more designs in the works . . . read article

July 11, 2019:
Mars Attacks: The Dice Game is as fast, wild, and destructive as when it was first introduced at the New York Toy Fair in 2014. We ran demos of the game at Origins last month, and the big surprise was the number of attendees who had never heard of it before . . . read article

July 12, 2019:
Did you know Warehouse 23 has been in operation for almost 20 years? That's a lot of cardboard, tape, and packing peanuts! . . . read article

July 13, 2019:
Our upcoming draw 'n' draw game, Deadly Doodles, doesn't reach game stores until next month, but we're already seeing some great buzz after selling through all the copies we took to Origins last month. The game plays fast, is great for all ages, and has demoed quite well at every show that we have taken it to this year . . . read article

July 14, 2019:
You knew it had to happen. The Secret Masters have infiltrated the Mafia, the Pentagon, FIFA, Wall Street, the Goldfish Fanciers, the Republicans and the Democrats and Labour and the Tories . . . and now they've infiltrated Amazon's Alexa voice-activated application service . . . read article

July 15, 2019:
Bebo of Be Bold Games has a new book coming out this week . . . and it is one that you're going to want! The Everything Tabletop Games Book, Bebo's look at the modern boardgame hobby, gives an introduction and overview of games ranging from Catan to Munchkin . . . read article

July 16, 2019:
Our new TFT set, Decks of Destiny, goes to the printer this week – we just finished the pre-mortem on it. That was a lot of paper to go through! . . . read article

July 17, 2019:
In our recent report on active Kickstarter campaigns, we wrote: "One of the things we're learning as we expand our crowdfunding efforts is that our ability to create and track projects exceeds the limitations and restrictions of the tools we've been using. For that reason, we're exploring other crowdfunding and direct-to-you options for funding some of the projects that we have in the works." Since that Daily Illuminator entry, we've selected Indiegogo as the home for upcoming Ogre crowdfunding campaigns . . . read article

July 18, 2019:
CrazyBricks has launched its second Munchkin project on Kickstarter. The first one was, of course, a raving success . . . read article

July 19, 2019:
During the weekend of April 6-7, in Austin, we held FnordCon in Austin. Part of the convention fun was an Ogre Miniatures Painting Contest . . . read article

July 20, 2019:
The majority of our Kickstarter efforts over the last month have been centered around dealing with international fulfillment. It seems that no matter how much time, money, sweat, and stress we throw at the situation, international fulfillment of Kickstarter rewards is a painful experience . . . read article

July 21, 2019:
But work is going on. We are negotiating with a hotel for meeting space and a sleeping-room deal . . . read article

July 22, 2019:
We launched Ogre Miniatures Set 3 on Indiegogo last week, and the project continues to move toward the goal. As of this moment, we're already at 72% of our goal and, if everything continues as it has, it looks like we will close successfully early next month . . . read article

July 23, 2019:
New for The Fantasy Trip! Skipping crowdfunding and jumping straight to open preorders, the second issue of Hexagram, for use with The Fantasy Trip, is now on Warehouse 23!  The second issue of Hexagram is another 36 pages of TFT goodness, including three combat scenarios by Phil Reed, an adventure by Guy McLimore, two articles by Stefan Jones, and Steve Jackson's own take on the natural history of the Octopus! And more . . . we filled those little pages very full of Stuff . . . read article

July 24, 2019:
The complete shipment of Deadly Doodles arrived at the primary warehouse last week, and now we're on track to release the game to stores next month (August 7 street date). For those of you going to Gen Con, we're planning to take hundreds of copies to sell there . . . read article

July 25, 2019:
As part of our recent Kickstarter campaign for The Fantasy Trip: Decks of Destiny, the project backers unlocked an incredible 25mm metal six-sided die that is unlike your usual style of dice. With sculpted and detailed faces on each side – based on Liz Danforth's artwork from The Fantasy Trip: Wizard – this hefty die is as much an artifact and work of art as it is a random-number generator . . . read article

July 26, 2019:
Greetings from hot, subtropical Austin! (Sweltering: +5 to Monster.) We're gearing up for Gen Con at the moment, starting our marketing push for the November release of Munchkin Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and beginning the design and development work on more of our 2020 releases, which makes for a bit of a lull in big announcements here . . . read article

July 27, 2019:
We've offered Illuminati six-sided dice in both 16mm and 19mm in the past – in different colors – and now we're happy to report that the 14mm design is almost complete and will be shipping from the factory next month. By creating a 14mm version of the custom eye-in-the-pyramid logo d6, we can offer up handfuls of dice at a lower price, perfect for those games that require a lot of six-siders . . . read article

July 28, 2019:
Our new pack of six custom 19mm eye-in-the-pyramid six-sided dice is shipping to distributors. This pack of two silver, two red, and two silver-acrylic dice is perfect for any game that uses a d6 . . . or a small handful of six-sided dice! . . . read article

July 29, 2019:
Our ongoing Indiegogo campaign to update two classic Ogre miniatures from metal to plastic – the Doppelsoldner and Ogre Mark VI – is down to the final week. Next Monday, with your support, the project will successfully close and we'll instruct the factory to start cutting the steel molds for us to run these designs in plastic . . . read article

July 30, 2019:
As the Pocket Box project continues to move forward at the factory, we have reopened the preorder page for everyone who has asked: "How do I get these games?" Since we officially closed the BackerKit preorders in June, we've received messages from many of you who missed out on the campaign.  We reviewed the inventory numbers and set the appropriate limits in BackerKit, so now you can jump in to grab a game . . . or a lot of games! Classics including Car Wars, Ogre, Illuminati, Necromancer, and much more, all of which are being reproduced as near-identically to their original format as we can manage . . . read article

July 31, 2019:
Have you seen this hashtag recently? Wondered what the heck was going on? . . . read article

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