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March 5, 2021: Top Ten On Warehouse 23 For January

Now that Texas is no longer frozen, we can finally report on how Warehouse 23 did in January! It looks like we started 2021 with a very strong month! Before we get down to the numbers, we want to send a thank you to our own Eric Dow, who spearheaded the process of getting our very own pallet lift installed! This has been very helpful, as we no longer need to request a lift gate for deliveries.

Now on to the top ten! We had a little bit of everything this month: GURPS, The Fantasy Trip, Munchkin, Illuminati, and even Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game appear on these lists.Our Illuminati line continues to do well, with our 2020 expansion being top in units sold and second in dollar amount. GURPS Combat Cards is a must-have accessory for every player and GM! Of course, it wouldn't be Steve Jackson Games without Munchkin, taking almost half of the spots across both lists!

Over on the digital side, the new pallet lift helped shift around electrons, supplying new and interesting downloads for customers even during the wintery apocalypse. The newly released GURPS Furries has proven popular, bringing anthropomorphic gaming to your GURPS table. GURPS Dungeon Fantasy remains a favorite line, with four support items making the lists. INWO fans snatched up the PDF version of The INWO Book, long out of print. Star Fleet Battles players also seemed to enjoy the newly available download of Captain's Log #49. Core and stand-alone items continued to find good homes, including GURPS Basic Set, The Fantasy Trip: Legacy Edition, and the Discworld Roleplaying Game. And the Pyramid Volume 3 Bundle made the Top 10 by dollar amount, which isn't surprising considering folks are getting an entire library at once at a great price!

Warehouse 23 Physical Top Ten

Units Sold

Dollar Amount

Illuminati 2020 Illuminati (Second Edition)
GURPS Combat Cards Illuminati 2020
Illuminati (Second Edition) Illuminati: Alternative Truths
Munchkin Kittens GURPS Combat Cards
Pyramid Face Mask The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition
Munchkin Fowl Play Munchkin Deluxe
Munchkin Blank Card Packs Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game
Munchkin Undead GURPS Basic Set: Characters
Munchkin Dragons The Fantasy Trip: Melee & Wizard Pocket Box
Munchkin Knights: Four More Munchkin

Warehouse 23 Digital Top Ten

Units Sold

Dollar Amount

GURPS Furries GURPS Furries
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Treasures 4: Mixed Blessings Pyramid Volume 3 Bundle
GURPS Character Assistant Captain's Log #49
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Encounters 3: The Carnival of Madness GURPS Character Assistant
Captain's Log #49 GURPS Basic Set: Characters and Campaigns
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Encounters 2: The Room GURPS Basic Set: Characters
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Career Guide Discworld Roleplaying Game
The INWO Book Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game
Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition
GURPS Classic: Goblins GURPS Magic

-Warehouse 23

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