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March 17, 2021: February 2021 Top Sellers

How is it already March? Regardless of how time is acting these days (strangely!), we're now almost through the first quarter of the year. I know this because our business office completed and delivered sales data for February 2021, which means that we have a new top ten sellers list to share! The below are ranked by quantity sold and a key component of our company health is missing: Munchkin! Why is Munchkin not on this list? Unexpectedly higher-than-usual sales during fourth quarter combined with container issues has left us without any original Munchkin to sell for a few months now. This is a very bad thing. Fortunately, the reprint is landing as I type these words and will ship out to our sales partners ASAP.

As always, you can find these and many more games and expansions at your favorite local game store! If your local store doesn't have what you're looking for, please ask them to place a special order for you. The last year has been brutal for many stores, and we want to push as much business to all of your local stores as possible so that each and every one is open and ready to go once all of us are vaccinated and ready for in-store gaming!

-- Phil Reed

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