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March 14, 2021: Meet FnordCon Guest David L. Pulver

FnordCon will be held on April 10-11 on our Discord server, and along with Steve Jackson and the rest of our staff, we have some special guests who will be joining in on the fun. Today, we introduce you to David L. Pulver!

David L. Pulver is a Canadian freelance game designer and editor. He's the author or co-author of over 80 books published by Steve Jackson Games, as well as Gaming Ballistic, Night Owl Workshop, Mongoose, Guardians of Order, R. Talsorian, TSR, and other companies, including more than 40 GURPS books such as GURPS Fourth Edition Basic Set, Transhuman Space, the GURPS Spaceships series, Mass Combat, Abydos, Psi-Tech, Vehicles, Technomancer, and Reign of Steel. And more recently, he's added nine books for the reborn Fantasy Trip line, including Ardonirane: City of the Thorsz, Red Crypt, Vampire Hunter Belladonna, Dark Lord's Doom, and Dragon Hunt. Other notable works include numerous Traveller books, many anime inspired games (notably Big Eyes, Small Mouth line), and several OSR projects such as Tower of the Moon. He regularly contributes to gaming magazines, including our Hexagram zine.

FnordCon is free and open to the public. Watch this space (and our social media) for participation links as we get closer!

-- Alex Yeager


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