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March 6, 2009: Talking Shop

This week we're hosting Steve and Leanna Cole, and Steve Petrick, of Amarillo Design Bureau. Shop is being talked, stories are being told, and no evil plans of any kind are being hatched. Honest! Fnord.

Steve and Steve joined us at playtest last night. Steve (Cole) got my seat at the Munchkin game by claiming, truthfully, to be Steve. So Steve (Petrick) and I played a two-player abstract game that we've had around here for quite a while, and I had never gotten to play, and he (in just a few days here) already had. How unfair. Or how lazy of me, as the case may be. Okay, I've played it now. Got whupped twice, too. But I enjoyed it. (No, I'm not telling you what its name is, because we refer to it around here by a working title that makes "Generic Universal Role Playing Game" seem like the height of creativity.)

Tomorrow: The mezzanine gets finished, and we visit some printer (as in computer printer) reps and talk with them about POD printing. ADB has a very good POD operation, and Steve, Steve, and Leanna are willing to share information, so we are listening very attentively.

-- Steve Jackson

Reminder: e23 will be closed on Monday, March 9 from 12am (aka midnight) CST until 3pm -- no orders, and more importantly, no downloading your current files. If you need it, grab it over the weekend. The Secret Masters appreciate your patience with our downtime.

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