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March 17, 2009: World Of Warcraft Survey

Liz Danforth is one of my very oldest friends in gaming. She was the illustrator for my second game, Melee, and in all the years since then we've managed never to fall completely out of touch. Her last mail was interesting . . . I want to see her survey results, and that means I want all you WoW players to get involved! Liz' letter:

 I've been preparing an independent research study on skills acquired in World of Warcraft that may transfer to real life. After considerable delay, the survey is now LIVE and ready to go.

I'm dropping this into your inbox in hopes that -- if you play WoW or if you have EVER played (even if you don't play now) -- you will take the survey.

I hope you will all forward this email to anyone you know who plays or has ever played, and ask them to fill out the survey. Friends, co-workers, relatives, student, guild mates and ex-guild mates (all ages) who play or have played are encouraged to take part. Those who opt-in may receive a time card for WoW as described in the survey.

The research is being conducted under the auspices of Dr. Chris Johnson of the 21st Century Learning Group LLC.

Here is the link to begin the survey:

The survey is open until the end of April 2009. Thanks so very much!

So: if you have ever played WoW, hit the link, take the survey, and let's see what Liz finds out.

-- Steve Jackson

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