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March 29, 2009: Fantastic Planet

I wish that I got to Perth more often . . . there's a store that I'd like to visit. Where is that darned teleporter when we need it?

Stephen Dedman was the author of GURPS Dinosaurs and several other GURPS books. And now he's a bookseller himself! He tells us:

Fantastic Planet is a specialist science fiction and fantasy bookshop, owned and run by well-read and ridiculously overqualified fans. The wide range includes sf and fantasy classics and new releases, imports, graphic novels, media and game tie-ins, horror fiction, art books, small press titles, and signed copies.

The store is located at 8 Shafto Lane, between Hay and Murray St, in Perth, Western Australia. Their website is at www.fantasticplanet.com.au. You can contact them at sales@fantasticplanet.com.au.

-- Steve Jackson

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