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March 23, 2009: Some Days . . .

Frag Gold Edition

Some days, I just want to fill the Daily Illuminator with FNORDS. In any publishing venture, you need to work months, sometimes years, ahead. Which means that when you're personally excited about a project, you have to keep it under your hat forever! I just got out of one of those meetings . . .

So instead, I'll point out that Frag Gold Edition has arrived in the warehouse. I recall the days when Phil and Russell were working on the prototypes, back in 2000. Even the rough mockup they'd created was a certifiable "ton o' fun" and we had many loud playtest sessions. It could be argued that we over-playtested it, since everyone in the office wanted multiple games. Long-time readers may recall the beta version we released in February 2001. (I've still got my copy.)

It's a shame that it took as long as it did to get back in print, but looking at the proof copy, I think its worth it. The board is more solid than we'd hoped, the figures look great, and dry erase character sheets! How cool is that?

Frag Gold Edition begins shipping next week, and your local game stores should have it on their shelves around the first week of April.

-- Paul Chapman

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