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November 16, 2010: Heading To BGG!

Today the crew drives up to Dallas, ready to play games at BoardGameGeekCon. Sure, they'll run our games -- Revolution! and Nanuk were both popular requests last year, and I'm certain our dice games (Zombie Dice and Cthulhu Dice, if you've somehow forgotten) will see some table time. But our staffers are gamers, and they'll undoubtedly be putting some time in on other games. We saw a number of very interesting designs at Essen Spiel last month but, in the rush of it all, didn't get to play as many as we would have liked. This is the opportunity to remedy that.

The booth staffers will also be doing a bit of retail activity. In particular, we'll have copies of The Palace, the first expansion for Revolution! This game is scheduled to hit store shelves any day, but we've got a few copies right now. We also have copies of the just released Frag Gold Edition: FTW, as well as the Warehouse 23 exclusive glow-in-the-dark Cthulhu Dice!

Lest you think us nothing but retailers, we'll also be showing off prototypes of Munchkin Zombies and Give Me The Brain. The rumor around the office is that the pirate dice game SJ tweeted about will make an appearance as well -- ask Will when you see him.

Usually, I'd wrap up an Illuminator like this by entreating you, our loyal reader, to stop by the event if you're in the area. Sadly, BGGCon has been sold out for some time. Next year, the organizers have promised a new and larger venue, but for this year, those of us not attending will have to make do with the thousands of articles, reviews, and session reports on BoardGameGeek. That'll keep us busy for a weekend or two!

-- Paul Chapman

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