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November 19, 2010: In Dallas Having Too Much Fun

Will teaching Revolution! Don't let anyone back in Austin know, but we're having a little too much fun working at BoardGameGeek Con. All five of us here probably would have worked for free if it had been the only way to attend the show. If you've never been to the convention, then you're missing out, because this is the show where you go to kick back, relax, and play more games then you would the entire rest of the year. So far the business side of things has been going great -- we sold out of Zombie Dice, Revolution!: The Palace, and Portal Kombat on day one and have been running game demos nonstop -- but it's the after-hours gaming where we're really getting into the spirit of the convention.

I've been pacing myself, not staying up until 2 am, but everyone else in the crew is going like maniacs trying to play every single game on the planet. My plan is to still have hit points left when the show ends on Sunday -- there's some work I really need to take care of next week before the holiday break -- but I think Randy, Will, Jimmie, and Ryan are trying to set some sort of record for insanity or game playing. Maybe even both. Plus, I need to save some strength to load my custom, double-wide GM's Valet from Geek Chic into my car. This new desk is awesome and is going to look great in my home.

We're now starting the third day of the show, and have two more days to go, so if you're at the convention swing by and say hi. If you couldn't make it, then keep your eyes on the SJGames Twitter account for pics and updates from the show.

-- Phil Reed

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