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October 2, 2019: Hexagram #3 Is Coming


    The first two issues of our Fantasy Trip zine were a success, and a lot of fun, so we're doing it again. Soon. The Kickstarter campaign for Hexagram #3 will begin on October 21 and end on November 1. That's only 12 days, but then, the first one was only 13 days and it did fine.
    A lot of the words and pictures for #3 are already in place. The final length depends on your level of support; I'd like to hit the 36 pages (+ cover) that we had with the first two. Since the inside and outside back covers will get words, not ads, that increases this issue to 38 pages of copy.
    At a minimum, the issue will feature lots of new magic items; an article on the Defense option; the results of the postcard contest (with the three winners); and errata for the Legacy Edition. And, of course, there will be a lettercol, drawn from your comments during the campaign!
    It will be printed in the U.S. and we expect to fulfill it in December.

-- Steve Jackson

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