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October 7, 2019: Looking Forward To 2020

We announce our upcoming titles to distributors and retailers four months ahead of their projected release date. This is for a couple of reasons: One, so distributors can get the buzz out, which lets them then make arrangements to preorder the titles. Two, so retailers can plan their orders accordingly and have the titles available on that release date. But there's another facet to that announcement – and that is letting you, our customer, know what's on the horizon . . .

So with no further ado, we present: new titles for January 2020!

We have one new Munchkin title coming: Munchkin Zombies: Grave Mistakes, a 30-card mini-expansion. We Kickstarted three mini-expansions back in March, and this is the first one to reach stores. We had a contest to name the mini-expansions, and this one was named by David Martin. It's a good fit, and the only real mistake is not picking this one up!


Also releasing in January is a new dice game, Texas Roll 'Em Designed in-house by our own Sam Mitschke, it's a fun little game you can take anywhere. Roll the bright red, white, and blue dice to see who can come up with the best hand!


Next, continuing our recent dice offerings, we present the Meeple d6 Dice Set. Yes, it's just what it sounds like. Dice. With little meeple pips! They come in six colors, with eight (same color) 16mm dice per pack. Collect them all!


On the cuteness front, we're introducing the Dungeon Survival Pack: Kitten Adventurers. With adorable kitty art by Katie Cook, this set includes a dice bag, three journals, and three kitty-themed dice.


We also reprinted a GURPS title that we'd been out of for a while. GURPS Basic Set: Characters is on its 7th printing! The demand continues for this companion to GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns. (That Campaigns reprint will arrive in October, by the way.)


And one final fun announcement: The time has come to "unvault" our holiday goodies! You can now pick up the Munchkin Gift Pack and Munchkin Christmas Lite. The Munchkin Gift Pack will net you three popular Munchkin titles, already gift-wrapped and ready for giving. (One is Munchkin Grimm Tidings, currently unavailable except in the Gift Pack!) Munchkin Christmas Lite is, well, lite! It's 112 cards in a tuckbox – just the right size for teaching or traveling. Add a die and something to keep score, and you're ready to roll.

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-- Susan Bueno

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