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October 22, 2019: Hexagram #3 Now On Kickstarter!


You liked the first two issues of Hexagram . . . and we had a lot of fun doing them . . . so here comes #3! Contents will include a lot of mysterious and/or magic items, "Beyond the D6," the results of the Postcard Contest with the three winning adventures, "What Do You Mean, I Can't Defend?", errata for the Legacy Edition, and more. The campaign blew through all its stretch goals within an hour (as I type this, it's now at $8,319), so it will be 36 pages plus cover, and there will be another issue in 2020.

This issue will be ad-free, in the hope of mailing it at the media rate to save you some bucks. Though, based on info I got today, that may be a vain hope, not because it won't be eligible but because it won't actually save any money unless we are shipping huge quantities to the same person. We'll see.

Read more, and support us, at the project page.

And . . . please give us your thoughts on issues #1 and #2 in the comment area, or tell us what you'd like to see in future issues, because I'm going to put together the "lettercol" from the things you say on Kickstarter.

-- Steve Jackson

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