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October 26, 2019: A Trip To Aggieland

Munchkin: A Competitive Game for Cooperative TraitorsOn October 8, I drove over to Texas A&M University to talk to two of Dr. Daniil Leiderman's classes, on "Intro to Game Design" and "History of Gaming." For History of Gaming, I gave a high-level overview of the history of SJ Games itself (eliciting a very satisfying gasp from a couple of students when I talked about March 1, 1990). I made Intro to Game Design a somewhat tongue-in-cheek talk about . . . well, you can see the title card right here. (Click to embiggen.) That title may be the best answer to "What kind of game is Munchkin?" that I've ever written.

I want to thank Dr. Leiderman and all his students for the opportunity as well as the great questions. I had a fun time and I'm looking forward to seeing the kinds of games they make in the future!

-- Andrew Hackard

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