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October 13, 2019: Autoduel Weekly: Miniatures Packs

In addition to the Car Wars Sixth Edition core rules, the upcoming Kickstarter campaign will also offer miniatures packs that bring even more weapons and gear to the game than you will find in the core rules alone. At the project launch, we'll offer two different packs – three miniatures in each – and stretch goals will expand those to four cars each (as well as unlock entirely new packs). 

The packs include:

  • Car miniatures. These range in size from 64mm to 74mm, and are pre-assembled and ready-to-play. The talented minis players will, no doubt, paint their cars. Those of you who are like me will be running raw plastic on the field. (Sorry, but I don't have the time to paint minis to a level of quality that will make me happy.)
  • Weapon and Gear Cards. Each pack includes new weapons and accessories, as well as extras of some cards that may appear in other expansions. The cards are used in both vehicle design and during play.

When designing the Car Wars Sixth Edition miniatures, we went for a wide range of styles to appeal to any duellist. From sleek arena racers to over-gunned wasteland monsters, the 15 miniatures already completed offer something for each of us. And with more minis on the way, we're sure there will be designs you love, designs you hate, and designs that you love to hate.

Note: To receive email notification when the Car Wars project goes live, please follow both the Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23 pages on Kickstarter.

-- Phil Reed

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