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October 18, 2015: Ready For Action? Call In Specialists!

GURPS Action 4: Specialists

When the action heats up, sometimes you need to call in the experts. Fortunately, that's never been easier, thanks to GURPS Action 4: Specialists, the latest supplement for the modern-day cinematic GURPS Action series. With this supplement -- composed by cinematic specialist Sean Punch -- you'll quickly create heroes, sidekicks, mooks, and more by selecting flavorful packages of abilities.

Do you want to make a hero who's a science-minded negotiator and an expert in impersonation and conspiracies? No problem! What about a cowboy journalist who's a linguist and master of close-quarters combat? Couldn't be easier! Even if you've never had a hankering to play a criminal mastermind who's a super-lucky gadgeteer before, you may well now after reading those words . . . and Specialists will make that happen!

Whether you're looking to break the mold of standard Action templates, want to carve out a specific niche for a team, or want a different power level from a standard campaign, GURPS Action 4: Specialists makes it easy. With a download from Warehouse 23, getting in the action is more fun than ever!

-- Steven Marsh

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