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October 21, 2019: The Fantasy Trip D12/D3 Preorder


As part of our ongoing dice preorder store at BackerKit, we're offering a new D12/D3 for use with The Fantasy Trip (as well as other roleplaying games). If your table or chart calls for a d12 roll, this die will get the job done . . . at the exact same time that it serves as a three-sided die. You see, the die has both a number (1-12) on each face as well as one, two, or three pips, making this both a fun addition to any collection of dice and a workhorse die for creative GMs.

Right now, the d12/d3 isn't used heavily in The Fantasy Trip (the Decks of Destiny drop table calls for a d3 at times), but there's a good chance that adventure authors will start to use this new die now that it is available.

Preorder today, and don't miss all of the other dice offered in the preorder store. You like dice, and we have a lot of dice set to mail out before the end of the year. 

-- Phil Reed

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