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July 3, 2010: Ask Andrew! Archives

Munchkin! When we first announced the changes in Munchkin's 19th printing, Czar of All Things Munchkin Andrew sat down in front of a webcam and chatted via uStream. Not satisfied with abusing him in front of a camera just once, we tricked him into doing it again a couple of weeks later.

What's that? You missed both chats? Well, don't fret. Through the miracle of the digital age, all of Andrew's answers to the Munchkin questions have been archived on the uStream site. Check out parts One and Two of his first chat, and the entire hour* of his second chat.

-- Paul Chapman

(*Ok, it was only 54 minutes, but any munchkin worth his +5 Mace of Sharpness would call that an hour.)

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