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July 10, 2010: Protospiel!

This weekend is Protospiel, up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. If the name sounds familiar, it might be due to Protospiel South, which our own Jonathan organized a couple months ago. (Or it may be the mentions we've given the event for the past two years!)

Will and Randy will be attending this gathering of DIY game designers, and we've sent Jonathan as well. Amazingly, despite running his own version of this playtest-and-prototype-fest, he's never made it to the original. All three have a stack of new games to pressure-test, and they're looking forward to giving feedback on the next generation of game mechanics.

Sadly, with Protospiel this weekend, San Diego Comic-Con coming up fast, and Gen Con planning taking a level of brainpower I'm only able to attain with the help of Red Bull, we'll be missing the Dallas Games Marathon this month. I'd wanted to get some of us up there to get some extra playtesting in and in general hang out with some of those very cool gamers. Alas, too much to do and too little time.

But if you're in the Dallas area July 16-18, don't let our absence stop you from rolling some dice!

-- Paul Chapman

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