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July 17, 2010: And The Winner Is . . .

First, some background: On May 28th, we announced the Munchkin Party Night Contest. The idea was simple: buy something Munchkin from a brick and mortar retailer in the month of June, and send us the receipt. The one we draw gets a prize - and his retailer gets a party of munchkinly proportions.

If you watched Andrew's uStream chat last night, you know that we drew not one, but two winners!

Why two? Well, the first draw was Tribe, a local store that's run by a couple of guys who we've known for years. It was a random selection, but it didn't FEEL random to us. So we chose a second one, just to even things out. (Also: why not? Two parties are better than one.)

Congratulations to both stores -- and to Carl Lohn and Dan Laing, the shoppers who submitted their receipts! We'll be in touch shortly to figure out what exactly a "Munchkin party" will be.

-- Paul Chapman

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