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July 14, 2010: Visit The Overhauled Pyramid Website!

When Pyramid had its third-volume revamp in November of 2008, about the only thing that didn't get an immediate stem-to-stern remodel was its webpage. That's changed!

We recently hoisted the Pyramid information pages up in dry dock, gave them all new coats of paint, and polished the brass. Check out covers and descriptions for previous issues at a glance -- either every issue we've done or sorted by genre (past/present/future). Click on any cover image for a big eye-popping version. Plus, if you're unfamiliar with the latest volume of Pyramid, there are some sample articles lurking in the corners . . .

This updated version of the website should make it even easier to see what's new with Pyramid and find interesting back issues you might have missed the first time around. Check it out!

-- Steven Marsh
Editor of Pyramid Magazine

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