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July 15, 2010: Munchkin Boosters

With Fairy Dust and Waiting for Santa (re)released, and Marked for Death on the horizon, I've been asked whether we think the Munchkin booster concept is a success.

Yes, absolutely!

Sales have been gratifyingly brisk, and the reaction online and at cons has been very positive. Fans have said good things about both the price and the general booster format. Some themes are a lot of fun, worth a dozen or so cards . . . but 50 or 100 cards would be overkill. Boosters are perfect for those.

We have more boosters coming in 2010, with even more in the works for 2011. We haven't abandoned larger releases, though! Boosters are an important part of our support strategy, but not all of it. In fact, Steve's working on a new core set (due to come out next year), and I'm working on an expansion for . . . naah, why ruin the surprise?

Got questions about the boosters that are already out or the ones we've announced? Head over to the forums and ask away! Or bring 'em to our next uStream chat tomorrow evening!

-- Andrew Hackard

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