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July 21, 2010: I Should Not Host A Game Convention

Every now and then I hold a day of games at my house. 15 to 20 of us get together and play way too many games, eat snacks, and basically spend ten to twelve hours having a lot of fun. These events are always a blast and it has been far too many months since I last got a group together for all-day gaming. Well, recently I read through "Keys to a Great Game Convention"  by Dale Yu and now my brain is again thinking about taking it up a notch and hosting a small game convention in the Austin area. Nothing massive, just a single day event for 50 or so people, but with all of my other projects I must stop thinking about running a one-day game convention. 

That doesn't mean I'll stop thinking about the idea, though. The thought of running my own con is constantly at the back of my mind and it's only sanity (something I'm not well known for) that has made it possible for me to resist this long. I will file away the link to Dale's article for the day I break down and dive into holding a game convention, but with luck, someone else in the Austin area will read the article and hold an event so that I don't have to. 

And until the day one of us breaks down and holds a gaming event in Austin I'll put serious thought into another game day at my house. After all, I've got some new games that need to hit the table.

-- Phil Reed

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