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June 1, 2009: Repeat History

Sometimes, you have to look back. Maybe it's because this has happened before and you need the experiences of the past. Maybe it's to learn how we can better ourselves in the future. Maybe it's because you're not sure where you left your keys, and working back your steps is the only way you're getting into your car tonight.

The best reason, of course, is because thereare  so many gaming opportunites back there. Take, for example, Florence in the 15th century. No, seriously. Take that example. We put it in a book called GURPS Hot Spots: Renaissance Florence. Here, you'll find descriptions of the city, the age, some of the more prominent movers and shakers, and perhaps even a little advice here and there about running a generic (yet universal) game centered around the city. Historical knowledge or historical gaming, the book suits either need.

Or just go full GURPS on the thing and use it as a setting for your cyberpunk game. We're not picky.

-- Fox Barrett

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