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June 12, 2009: New Frag Photos!

Frag Gold Edition components

There's a ton of stuff in the new Frag Gold Edition, and last week we took a couple new photos of the components. The board, the figures, the counters -- everything has been upgraded in this edition. Click over and take a look at the new links on the components list (look on the left-hand side, below the cover image). We've also added the rules in PDF form, so you can learn the rules before you pick the game up, or make copies if you already have one.

Of course, if you've already picked up a copy, you've already seen all these bits. But if you've got a camera -- either video or still -- and an account on one of those nifty media sharing sites, take some shots of your next game! Once they're uploaded, let us know where they're at, and we'll take a look. We'll gather a bunch of links, and post them in an upcoming Daily Illuminator. Heck, we may even send some goodies out to the best video -- impress us!

-- Paul Chapman

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