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June 9, 2009: Closed, Closed, Closed

We shall be closed June 29 to July 3. And by "we," I mean "Warehouse 23."

Oh, and e23 as well.

Actually, the whole darned office will be out of their mind . . . er, not working. We're taking the entire week off, shutting everything down, and enjoying some downtime . . . everyone gets a (paid) break before the summer convention season kicks into high gear.

Therefore: If you have business with Steve Jackson Games, either in the ordering of products, asking us questions, or just poking us to see what falls out, plan this gap in our attendance accordingly. e23 orders, being largely automated, should proceed without interruption, but there will be no new upload. Warehouse 23 will neither be shipping or processing orders during this period.

And don't worry; we'll be reminding everyone of this vacation several more times, so no one is caught off-guard.

-- Paul Chapman

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