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June 29, 2009: We're Closed This Week!

We warned you this would happen -- we're all bugging out, taking some time before the con season, the heat, or the combination deplete our sanity points. Today, June 29, our office sits silent, and said silence will continue until Monday July 6 when we'll return to normal business hours.

Without our bright shining faces, no Warehouse 23 orders will be processed. Neither will we be able to return your email or phone call with our usual promptness -- sorry!

e23 will be automatically processing orders, but we won't be able to deal with any special requests or questions that arise.

And finally, as everyone knows from their own vacations, we'll likely be swamped when we get back into the office on the 6th. Emergencies will get dealt with as fast as possible, but there may be a slight delay before other, less on-fire issues are handled.

-- Paul Chapman

Also, Gladiators

(A brief interlude from Fox Barrett)

Normally, I get my own Daily Illuminator's worth of space to write this, but Paul has forced me to share this time around. And, if the product I'm here to hawk is any indication, the logical thing for me to do is fight Paul to the death over it. Lucky for him, I'm busy enjoying my vacation. (Also, I'm terribly lazy.)

So I'll cut this short. Go buy GURPS Martial Arts: Gladiators or be torn apart by lions.

Randy's Road Trip Update

This post is getting pretty long, so I'll be quick. Randy will be hitting two stores today: The Guard Tower in Columbus OH from 12-3pm, and Yottaquest from 6-9pm in Cincinnati. As always, see his complete itinerary at Where's Randy?

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