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June 22, 2009: Can't We Just Pretend It's Pyramid #3/2?

Are we really already on the eighth issue of the "new" Pyramid? That's certainly what the "8" in Pyramid #3/8: Cliffhangers seems to imply. Eight issues. That means eight months have gone by. Has anyone seen my 2009? I seem to have misplaced it.

Well, since we're all on our steady marches (or, if my perception is any indication, our full-tilt dashes) towards mortality, I better keep this little newsvertisement brief.  Pyramid #3/8 is all about pulps! It has action! Adventure! Excitement! Exotic locales! Lots and lots of exclamation points!

There. Done and done. Now to go back to whimpering in the corner while the unstoppable waves of time crush me down into nothing. (Seriously, though, eight months? It doesn't feel like it, y'know?)

-- Fox Barrett

Randy's Road Trip Update

Today, Randy will be popping into Pegasus Games in Madison WI from 7-10pm. As usual, he'll have Revolution!, Frag Gold Edition, and The Stars Are Right, as well as an "in development" game or two.

For Randy's complete itinerary, check out our Where's Randy? page.

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