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June 25, 2009: The Conspiracy Returns

Deluxe Illuminati

Deluxe Illuminati is on the boat and working its way toward store shelves. We recently moved Deluxe Illuminati to a new printer and the process ate a lot more time than we expected it to, which left this classic game out of print for far too long. Well, the end is now in sight and roughly 1,000 cases of Deluxe Illuminati should hit our warehouse in a week or two. I am sorry about the delay in getting this one back on store shelves, but we wanted to take our time and carefully check every component (this is the first time the new printer has run copies of the game for us). 

Check with your local game store around mid-July for Deluxe Illuminati or, if you don't have a local store, you can grab a copy from Warehouse 23.

-- Phil Reed

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