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June 17, 2009: Origins!

Origins Game Fair is June 24 - 28. Yep, that's next week -- funny how the convention season sneaks up on you like that!

Will is scheduled to run Munchkin Quest, Revolution!, Frag Gold Edition, The Stars Are Right, and whatever else he can lay his hands on. Randy will be in attendance as well, taking a break from his road trip. One of them will be doing the Munchkin Dance as the Mascot. Not sure which one . . . I suspect they'll be rock-paper-scissoring for the privilege.

There will, of course, be other games to play. The Columbus Area Boardgamers Society usually has a huge pile of new releases and classics they'll loan out. Our MIBs will be running a wide variety of things. And as always, the miniatures setups will be mind-blowing. I hope the Space: 1889 ships will be there again . . . .

And if you'd like to purchase something, might we suggest the booth at the corner of Diplomacy and BattleTech. No, seriously -- Origins has once again named the aisles, and Adventure Retail (our official retailers for the summer conventions) is stationed at the corner of Diplomacy Avenue and BattleTech Avenue. Well, it isn't just us; AR is the official retailer of Atlas Games, Green Ronin, Fantasy Flight, and a ton of other top drawer publishers.

Origins will be a good time; if you're in the area and in the mood for a game, go!

-- Paul Chapman

But He Isn't At Origins Yet

Randy is heading to Columbus, but on his way he's making a stop at The Source Comics and Games (hi Bob!) in Minneapolis, MN from 12-3pm. After that, you'll be able to catch up with him at Paddy's from 6-9pm in St. Cloud, MN.

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