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June 21, 2009: Unboxing Frag Gold Edition

Frag Unboxing

When new tech comes out, YouTube gets flooded with "unboxing" videos -- footage of early adopters breaking the seal on their new toys, showing the world the contents of the box. A few boardgamers have brought this trend to some of the new "big box" game releases, and we thought it was an interesting idea.

So we sat Phil and Will down with a copy of Frag Gold Edition, and had them open it up. Of course, since they worked on it, there weren't any surprises, but the resulting video is a good demonstration of what's inside those shrinkwrapped golden boxes. Plus, it was fun!

You can see it on our YouTube channel, or embedded into the Frag page. Let us know what you think!

-- Paul Chapman

My Turn In The Vacation Seat

I am on vacation until July 6. My plans include playing with toys, playing games (both tabletop and console), and a drive through the southwest (New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona). I'll no doubt respond to urgent messages while I'm on vacation (I'm about as good at completely separating myself from the office as Steve is), but please don't expect too much out of me during this break.

I plan to stop at a few game stores while I'm on the road. I won't stay long at any one store, but I will bring along a sample of Revolution! to show off as well as some Munchkin goodies to leave behind for lucky fans. (I also plan to poke my head into a few cool toy stores -- like Red Hot Robot in Phoenix, AZ  -- but I doubt if they'll have any interest in Munchkin promo material. The different toy stores might enjoy a peek at our Chibithulhus, though, so I should drag a couple of those plush creatures along on the trip.)

-- Phil Reed

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