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October 3, 2022: Roll The Deck! Kickstarter Ending Today!

We're all in, and Roll The Deck! is about to shuffle off Kickstarter! The support for this book of games that work with our Pick a Card Dice has been excellent. We've had the good fortune to be able to create some unique gaming books recently, and it all comes from the support our fans have shown for these types of projects. Without the support of previous releases like Random Fun Generator and the Nanogame series, we couldn't confidently make unique books and accessories like this. We've got a lot of new ideas coming down the pipe, and the success of projects like Roll The Deck! helps to shape those future releases. 
You've still got some time to back, but the campaign closes this afternoon, so get your pledge in soon. Don't be a joker!

-- Hunter Shelburne

Roll the Deck

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