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October 27, 2022: The Tremendous Tome Of Epic Dungeons



A thing that I really like about conventions, especially the big shows, is seeing the display dungeons. You know the type I mean . . . somebody with huge craft talent has spent hundreds of hours building a three-dimensional space, and brings it to be marveled at. And they are indeed marvelous, with columns, depths, bridges, balustrades . . . There might be lights. There might be movable apparatus. There might, Ghu help us, be fog.

The next best thing to experiencing one of those is seeing good pictures, and that's where Jeff Hall and Dave Taylor have come in. Their Tremendous Tome of Epic Dungeons, now funding on Kickstarter, will be a 144-page compilation of the very best in 3-D dungeon creation. Lots of pix AND lots of words. Enough inspiration for a lifetime, even if you measure your lifetime in elf-scale.

Possible conflict of interest warning, part 1: We are in the midst of building out our Squarescape and Hexscape dungeons for their 2023 campaigns, and we'll submit some preliminary photos for possible inclusion in the Tremendous Tome.

Possible conflict of interest warning, part 2: There is no guarantee that anything we send will be used. It may not make the cut! What we are doing is good, and I'm proud of it, but the sample pictures I have seen are far beyond "good." They set a high bar indeed. So we'll do the best we can and see what happens.

But the point is this: The Tremendous Tome will be both a fine coffee-table book and a useful working reference. I want one for my own shelf, and we're going to support at the retail level and carry it in Warehouse 23.

But right now, during the Kickstarter, you can get your own, for less, and all the money will go to support the creators. So visit the campaign and reserve your copy. Worth every penny of the surprisingly cheap $45 they are asking!

-- Steve Jackson

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