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October 13, 2022: GURPS Conan Available In Print!


You're familiar with the GURPS On Demand series, yes? This is our print-on-demand program where we've released over 100 different GURPS books as print-on-demand titles, making it easier than ever to fill those pesky holes in your roleplaying-game library. Best of all, we have a few licensed works where the rights-holder granted us permission to keep the books available (for now, certainly not forever) as print-on-demand books. One such licensed series, originally released by us way back in the 80s, is the five-book GURPS Conan series . . . and all five of them are available right now as print-on-demand titles!

The five books in the series are:

All are available right now, but we're sure they won't be offered in print-on-demand (and PDF) forever. Licenses and agreements change over time, so at the moment we're merely happy that we were given the chance to bring these long out-of-print books back to the world in a physical form.

-- Phil Reed

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