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October 1, 2022: Hack & Slash Expands With Whack & Stash


Our family-friendly game of dungeon adventures, Hack & Slash, has performed well enough that the game is currently on a second printing . . . and we're finalizing work on the game's first expansion. Designed by Will Schoonover, the new Whack & Stash tuckbox expansion adds 11 new quest cards to the game and introduces a new card type: treasures! The new quests offer up the usual rewards -- points and meeples -- and a chance to snatch a treasure that may grant you a power during the game or may be saved to count as points at the end of the game. 

With the creative work wrapped up, our next step is scheduling the expansion for a 2023 release. Until it is ready for your table, though, you can prepare by playing several rounds of Hack & Slash with your friends and family. If you're unfamiliar with the game and want to know more, this Boing Boing article from 2021 will shine some light on the gameplay. It's not a complex game, but it is a fun distraction and keeps the kids entertained! 

"This is a great gateway game for fantasy roleplaying or more involved fantasy wargaming. It has many of the trappings of a dungeon delver, with orcs, trolls, dragons, caverns, treasures, and the all-important tavern."

You can find the Hack & Slash game at your favorite local game store today. If your store doesn't have Hack & Slash on their shelves, you may either ask to special order it or, if you wish, order it direct from our online store, Warehouse 23. We will have more to say about the Whack & Stash expansion before it is ready for release; please watch the Daily Illuminator for news!

-- Phil Reed

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