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October 10, 2022: New Dice & Doodles On Warehouse 23

We've been in the laboratory crafting new dice, and we're happy to say . . . they're ALIVE!!! Sorry, it got a little Frankenstein-y in here. But we do have a brand new batch of dice, including new varieties for some of our most popular styles. If you're looking for seasonal specialties, Halloween d6 Dice are now available in both glow-in-the-dark and orange glitter, and the Dragon & Skull d6 Dice are now in green glitter and silver. These are perfect for your favorite Halloween games! The Starfish d6 Dice Set joins our series of Ocean Dice, and silver has been added to the roster of Meeple d6 Dice.

[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

If you're looking for more spooky fun, we've created a physical version of the Deadly Doodles Halloween Scoring Pad to play with your game, so you don't have to print out tons of pages. We've also got a new restock of the classic dice game, Chupacabra! This quick-playing dice game features glow-in-the-dark molded dice – very apropos for a game in which Chupacabra steals your neighbor's goats and eats them! While this restock doesn't include a cup or box, you can check out our selection of dice bags for some alternative storage options.

Load up your cart with these new treats just in time for Halloween!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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