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October 14, 2022: Things Are Getting Spooky With Chupacabra


There's been a cryptid sighting! The elusive goat-sucker from the south is back after a long hiatus. We thought we were safe, but no one is truly safe from . . . the Chupacabra! One of our most requested games, Chupacabra is available again directly from our webstore, Warehouse 23. This direct edition does not include a dice cup or box (it comes in a polybag with rules), but it features the same classic glow-in-the-dark dice that have become iconic. If you missed out on the original release, Chupacabra is a fast-playing dice game where players roll those awesome dice and use their chupacabra results to attack their opponents' herds of chicken, goats, and cows – and vice versa! If you've played games like Zombie Dice or Z-Shot, you'll see that Chupacabra fits right into that family of fast and easy-to-learn games. 

This is not a full reprint, so once Chupacabra has snatched its quota of goats, it's gone for at least the immediate future. Make sure to grab a copy now! If you want a neat way to store the game, may I suggest one of our dice bags?

And make sure to take advantage of our Halloween Sale, where we're discounting some of our spookiest titles plus you'll get freebies with (most) physical orders!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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