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October 24, 2022: Preorder Roll The Deck! And Pick A Card Dice Today!


Our Kickstarter campaign for Roll the Deck!, a book of dice and card games designed for use with Steve's Pick A Card Dice set, successfully funded earlier this month and the new book is now at print. For those of you who missed the Kickstarter project, we've opened BackerKit preorders where you can grab both the dice set and the book all at the same time.

The dice are scheduled to ship to stores before the end of this year, while the Kickstarter (and preorders) are currently scheduled to mail to backers in early 2023. If you're only after the new dice, we recommend asking at your favorite local game store. However, the Roll the Deck! book is not currently scheduled for widespread release. We will offer the PDF for sale once we have completed fulfillment of the Kickstarter campaign and any BackerKit preorders that may come in.

Preorder Roll the Deck! today!

-- Phil Reed

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