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October 30, 2022: It Came From The Trailer Park


The horror anthology It Came From The Trailer Park made a gleefully gory splash last October. Now there's a second volume, right in time for Halloween reading. Good ole boys vs. vampires? Tide fans vs. zombies? The monsters ain't got a chance, brother.

This stupendous showcase of Southern splatter comes from Three Ravens, a relatively new publishing house headquartered in Tennessee. They're bringing a lot of opportunities to the many new science fiction, fantasy, and horror writers coming out of Southern fandom. So the Trailer Park project was absolutely on-brand. And a great read . . . And the second one turns out to be at least as good.

If it isn't obvious where I'm going: this is a plug!

Scott Tackett of Three Ravens is a friend (we will soon make a joint announcement on another project entirely), and I'm excited to see his new book thiiiiis close to a couple of first-place tags on Amazon. So if short horror fiction is your Halloween candy, throw some love their way.

-- Steve Jackson

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