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September 1, 2009: Talkin' 'bout a Revolution

(With apologies to both The Who and The Beatles.)

We knew Revolution! was going to be a good game. The design came to us with the most important element -- fun -- firmly woven into the core. We smoothed over a few rough patches, and tested it out. And then we tested some more, less because we saw anything to fix and more because we just wanted to play it more. Then we made it prettier, and "demo'ed it" (which is just a fancy way for Randy to get paid for playing it some more, but this time with people not in the office).

Now Revolution! has hit store shelves, and the response has been fantastic. Sales have been quite good, especially considering a) the economy and b) this game doesn't have the word "munchkin" in the title. But more satisfying has been the critical response on BoardGameGeek, our favorite virtual gathering point for tabletop gamers of all kinds. Reviewers have been in-depth and thoughtful, and the accompanying commentary has been insightful. It's even found a spot on the Hotness list.

If you're at Penny Arcade Expo this weekend, stop by and play a game with us. If you're not, don't worry -- the MIBs are setting up games around the world.

-- Paul Chapman

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