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September 22, 2009: Two New Plushes to Love!

Chibi Pals!

Warehouse 23 has two new plush Chibithulhu to hug and squeeze!

The Halloween Chibithulhu has a traditional witch hat, and a cheery jack-o-lantern on his tummy. If you love to decorate for the spookiest of holidays, this plush is perfect. These you'll be able to find in your local game store as well as the digital shelves of W23.

The Mega-Chibithulhu is our largest plush yet. We suspect an overly aggressive Chibithulhu consumed some of its brethren, and grew to its current size. In any case, this green giant is exclusive to W23, so if you have the space for this mighty -- mighty cute! -- beast, click here!

-- Paul Chapman

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