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September 23, 2009: Everyone Needs a Motto

Preferably in Latin, because that shows . . . hmm. I guess it shows you know somebody who can speak Latin. In our case that would be Andrew Hackard.

The next question, of course, is which of our characteristics is so sublimely significant that it should be singled out for chiseling on the hypothetical marble of our hypothetical World Headquarters? Something about world domination, perhaps? Or "Anything for a laugh."? Or maybe we should just refer to our evident compulsion to take any easy job and making it not so easy. Why reprint when you revise? As long as we're revising, why not do a new edition? So, some Latin from Andrew:


Make It as Hard as Possible: FAC ID QUAM DIFFICILLIME

Sometimes I wonder about us. And I am us.

-- Steve Jackson

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