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September 25, 2009: Found! Now, Who Lost It?

Sorting through the last stack of GenCon artifacts, I came across two books that weren't mine, nor were they any of the rest of the crew's. A bit of conversation later, we figured out that the books were found under a demo table at the end of the day, and moved into a box.  The most likely scenario involves someone buying these titles from a dealer like Crazy Egor's, stopping by our booth for a demo, and the books falling out of their backpack.

So: if you're missing a pair of older R. Talsorian books from GenCon, drop me a line at paul@sjgames.com with the titles of the books in question. These were likely purchased by a collector, and as a "gotta get 'em all" guy myself, I can't imagine the frustration of finding the books you need to fill that gap on your shelf, then losing them.

-- Paul Chapman

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